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Female SATA to Male SATA Plus 3-Pin Slimline Optical Drive Power

Female SATA to Male SATA Plus 3-Pin Slimline Optical Drive Power

This cable is a female SATA to male SATA Plus 3-Pin Slimline Optical Drive Power.

This cable will allow you to power a Dell YG554 IDE to SATA Interposer or similar power connection without sacrificing one of your PSU's SATA power connectors.

Some older Dell Small Form Factor system's power supplies used a non-standard power connector to power the Slimline Optical drives through an IDE to SATA Interposer. As technology evolved this power connector was removed in newer Dell power supplies being replaced by "Slimline SATA."

The good news is many of the newer power supplies still fit the dimensions of the old models, only the connectors differ. This is where this adapter comes in, converting one SATA power to a SATA and 3-PIN power connector, allowing you to replace old power supplies with new models without replacing your old optical drive.

In addition if you have a Dell IDE slimline optical drive in your system but want to run SATA you can purchase the Interposer (YG554) and tray then power the drive with this adapter and run SATA.

Features / Specifications

• Compatible Systems: Optiplex SFF: 740, 745, 755, GX745, GX755, GX740 GX520, GX620. Dimension 9200C. XPS 210.
• Fits Dell Part Number: YG554 or Similar Power Connector
• 1 x Male SATA
• 1 x Female SATA
• 1 x 3-Pin Optical Drive Power - 12V, 5V, and Ground Wires

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SATA to 3-Pin Slimline Optical Power Dimension 9200C XPS 210

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