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30 Day Gurantee

THE RED PLANET GUARANTEE: Buy with confidence! Your order is guaranteed to arrive without defects or errors on our part or you are entitled to a 100% refund or replacement, including shipping costs in certain situations. Our primary goal is your satisfaction, and we offer a NO-HASSLE return policy that allows you to return your order for any reason within 30 days. Rules and restrictions do apply, so please read the following very carefully before purchasing our items.

  •  Due to the extreme shipping cost and transit times international orders are usually not covered under our Red Planet Guarantee.
  • Our Red Planet Guarantee is simple and easy to support. We appreciate your choosing Red Planet as your online electronics vendor, and your complete satisfaction is important to us. Therefore, we allow any order to be returned for any reason within 30 days of purchase. We do have rules for the return process and restrictions for certain situations, but our customer service department will work hard to earn your business and MAKE IT RIGHT!
  • While our guarantee is HASSLE-FREE, it is certainly TIME-SENSITIVE! There are two periods for return processing. If the return arrives within 7 days of original delivery, customer may choose to receive a replacement order shipped at no charge, or a full refund of the entire purchase price. This is ideal for immediately apparent issues such as DOA items, order errors, condition discrepancies, etc. The other case is for returns that arrive after this initial period but within 30 days of purchase date. This is for warranty failure claims or other reasons. In this case customer may choose to receive a replacement order shipped at no charge, or a refund of the purchase price, less shipping and handling charges.
  • If you would like to return your order for refund or replacement, you must first contact us for Return Authorization. Customers must obtain and purchase their own shipping for returning orders to Red Planet(unless the customer uses our Second Order process as explained below). Return shipping costs are not refundable. In order to process the return, customers will be asked to end any PayPal or other transaction dispute that customer may have initiated.
  • We realize that there are customers who desire their replacement products arrive faster than the standard return procedure allows, so we encourage 'second orders' for the same product be purchased so that customers can get their part faster.

SECOND ORDERS: If a customer wants a quick return-order solution guaranteed to offer 100% refund including all shipping costs, and wants Red Planet to pre-pay all shipping related to returns or replacements, regardless of fault or error, then he should choose our Second Order solution. Second orders are encouraged for situations that require faster resolution than the standard return process offers. If you experience a problem with your original order and wish to purchase a second order, do as follows: 1) Proceed to purchase another item as normal via webstore or direct contact. 2) Contact us by phone, email, or messaging to inform us of your situation. We will include pre-paid postage in this second order for returning your original order. Regardless of the outcome, customers will never be required to repay this postage. Second orders require significant trust that we will send a functioning unit immediately and will refund the defective order in a timely fashion.

For us to offer the very best customer service, we assume you will not file a dispute, claim, or charge back with Paypal or your credit card issuer. Furthermore, aggressive or threatening communication is never appreciated. We expend great effort to provide excellent customer service options, so it would be unwise to circumvent our efforts. If a customer does any of the above, our return policy will immediately be replaced by the less flexible paypal/merchant card standard policy, which we can assure is never as satisfying.

NO MANUFACTURER WARRANTYBuyers assume there is NO MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY unless specifically explained in the listing's product description. If there is a time-sensitive  manufacturer's warranty, it is the buyer's responsibility to acquire and exercise their warranty rights via the manufacturer, not via Red Planet Trading. In general, our Dell branded products do not come with any Dell warranty, all items were purchased from recycling vendors, never from Dell! If buyer contacts Dell, they will not recognize any warranty related to any products sold by Red Planet Trading. However, product warranties for many of our products are available through third party warranty vendors after purchase.

SUPPORT: Technical support for products and related software is not provided by Red Planet Trading. We are happy to answer a question or two when able, but we are unable to provide extensive support to diagnose your issue or optimize your performance. For detailed assistance with products, buyers must contact the manufacturer or acquire local support at their own expense.

THE NATURE OF THIS BUSINESS: Please read and understand the following information regarding the purchase of our used/refurbished items and how it might create exceptions to our rules:

  • We are a liquidation company, and a large part of our business is selling recycled/used computer components. Customers are very attracted to our super low prices on high quality items!   However, as plain as it sounds, our used/refurbished items are not new!!  We do routine testing of all of our used items before shipping, however we cannot test each item for 48 hours nor do we plan to test every aspect of every item in every situation. All items ship as working units, but occasionally an item will arrive dead or fail within a very short time. THIS IS THE NATURE OF THIS PURCHASE! Our customers must acknowledge this basic risk when purchasing used items. If receiving a defective product on the first shipment is completely unacceptable, DO NOT BUY A USED ITEM - INSTEAD BUY A NEW ONE! 
  • Yes, of course we offer EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE, and will try to solve your issue right away! Our warranty is designed to cover your item failing for a very short period after ordering. We offer refunds and ship replacements regularly, however customers should not expect Rolls Royce Service on a Dirt Cheap Item!!!
  • We can only do so much for your order and we can only stay in business if we stick to our rules for servicing our products.. Our 30 day guarantee must end at 30 days from delivery, not when the buyer finally gets around to using his order, and not at 30 days of actual use of a product. Please buy a third party extended warranty if you are concerned about your order failing at day 31.
  • Shipping costs are usually a significant percentage of a customer's purchase, and for many of our items the costs are higher than the item itself. Our return/refund rules regarding shipping refunds are strict and required for us to stay in business and continue to offer the products and service at the low prices customers appreciate. Although our customer satisfaction is very high, and our error rates are low, there is still a chance you may experience a problem with your order. After reading these terms, if you are not comfortable with our policy, please do not buy our item.