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Dell Replacement SATA, IDE and Ribbon Cables

At Red Planet Trading we always put the customer first. All of our products are backed by our live customer service.

We know the uncertainty in buying used or refurbished Dell computer parts. We back all of our products with our Red Planet Trading 30 Day Guarantee. Our guarantee ensures your item will arrive without defects or errors for 30 days or your money back.


Genuine Dell 10.5" SATA HDD DVD Orange Straight End Data Cable
Compatible Parts – M800D, 0M800D

10-Lot Genuine Dell Latitude C800 C810 C840 15" SXGA LCD Video Flex Cable
Compatible Part Numbers: 146CM, 0146CM

4-Lot Genuine Dell Latitude D510 Laptop Notebook CCFL LCD Flex Ribbon Video Cable
Compatible Part Numbers: N8771, 0N8771

5-Lot Genuine Dell 30" Straight To Right Angle SATA Hard Drive HDD Cable
Compatible Part Numbers: UF180, 0UF180

5-Lot Genuine Dell 34" SATA Serial ATA Hard Drive Straight to Right Angle Cable
Compatible Part Numbers: KD920, 0KD920

5-Lot Genuine Dell Hard Drive Floppy Drive Molex Auxiliary Cable Assembly
Compatible Part Numbers: U1296, 0U1296

5-Lot Genuine Dell Inspiron 4150 14.1" Gray Back LCD Laptop Cover Lid w/ Hinges
Compatible Parts: 7R427, 6R650

5-Lot Genuine Dell PCI Card DRAC III/XT DRAC3XT to Motherboard Cable
Compatible Part Numbers: Y1028, 0Y1028

5-Lot Genuine Dell PowerEdge 6800 8-Pin Fan Cable Assembly
Compatible Part Numbers: F8980, 0F8980

5-Lot Genuine Dell PowerEdge SC1425 Server Control Panel Interface Cable Assembly
Compatible Part Numbers: GJ558, 0GJ558